Oh Chany Got Shea Butter!!

Natural raw sheabutter in a easy to apply whipped formula scented and unscented with mouth watering essential and fragrance oils. Raw sheabutter is beneficial to your skin, hydrating and repairing dry broken skin.Chany Got Shae is renowned for it's whipped shea butter infused with over 20 different essential and fragrance oils. The look, smell and feel of our butter is unmatched by any other, so don't be fooled by these other companies offering these so called body butters. We use a unique special blend handed down. Making Shea Butter is an art passed down through generations just like cooking. Different tribes are taught different techniques, therefore all shea butter is not the same. We purchase fair trade shea butter from a small tribe of women in West Africa who inherited the recipe from their ancestors. We enhance this butter with our own technique and offer you the best shea butter for your skin. Our shea butter will moisutrize and hydrate your skin leaving you smelling, feeling and looking good. Dont waste another minute, try it now and see why everyone is raving about Oh Chany Got Shea !

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